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Take the first step – Start a therapy today!

It is not easy to be in such a horrible state of mind where this OCD monster traumatizes the person every few minutes and even seconds.

If you ask some one, how do i control this, they shall probably explain you that you need to stop thinking about such things……

You are jinxed, because you know that this is not something which you want to think.

This is something which your brain brings to you despite of the fact that you hate thinking about these things.

I call it

” Thoughts coming to your mind ”

rather than the old concept of

” You are thinking such things ”

You obviously have no control over such things, so the best thing to do is follow an expert advise rather than asking just anyone.

There is only one basic step to cure it………

Want to know that??????????????

The answer is ………………

Start a  Therapy Today and take the first step towards eliminating the mosnster.

Stay updated with me….

I shall soon come back with the therapies which you can start up……

Till then, learn to say “Stop”

Yes, This is the magical word……..

Use this word “Stop” for your brain and thoughts which run through your mind devastating all positive energies and filling yourself with only negative and haunting feeling.

Ask your brain to “Stop” sending such stupid thoughts to you.

It is going to work surely……

Try this today……

Good Luck

Harmeet Singh

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Several thoughts crossing the mind!

There is an instant need of change in attitude with everyone around me. If I feel this, then surely something is wrong with me because how can anyone think of controlling others. Each human is an individual personality and has separate mind set. One should respect the feelings and emotions of others also. Thinking only about our self is really something not appreciable.

Why do I feel lonely sometimes? There are lots of feelings and thoughts which cross my mind daily and each hour, each minute, each second which I keep on thinking. Today while driving my car, I was jinxed and could not decide what to do when I had to take a U turn to go back to the office for an interview. It was basically pressure and my mind had been over occupied what i truly feel.

Writing out such things makes me feel I am relieving myself of all those burdens which I had been carrying till I could not speak to anyone. This is really good to explain what I feel and I do not need to disturb or even hurt anyone or their feelings. What a beautiful way to come out of the stress which has been engorssing the mind since long and has not allowed to think positively or something creative.

Pick up a pen and paper and start writing your feelings out today…….

Yours truly……..

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Sufferring from OCD – It can be really cured!

All those people who have been sufferring from OCD are really going through something traumatic.

Though they make look and act normal, what goes on in their mind can not be known easily.

The only one who knows what is going on is the person who has either been a patient of OCD or some specialist Psychiatrist who has read on the subject.

Inspite of being stuck in the OCD trauma, most people dont want to come out of it because they feel safe in their own world.

OCD patients need special care and attention which can help them come out of the mess.

One who is sufferring from such anxiety problem would be scared of almost everything which comes across.

Check out the following and see if you or any one near you is sufferring from the same:

1. Do you wash hands every now and then. Do you even wash hands after you shake hands with someone who has spoken something bad. Do you wash hands after touching any sopecific part of your body and do you go to wash hands each time you touch something.

2. Do you keep on murmuring something and always try to do it when you are on the move

3. Do you keep on checking for locked doors and windows inspite of locking them your self and again going to just fulfill the anxiety that requires you to do it for some particular time.

4. Do you count some particular numbers in your mind each time you have to do a task.

5. Do you refrain from speaking or doing any work when anxiety strikes and tells you not to speak for at least this many minutes or seconds.

6. Do you avoid eating food which you like just because you feel you will lose someone.

7. Do you think of some bad things happenning to your loved ones and are scared of the same.

8. Do you always feel that somethng bad may happen so you should be on the vigil.

9. Do you feel it is a bad world out there and it will either harm you or your loved ones.

10. Do you repeat some actions and steps continuously throughout the day.

11. Do you keep on folding hands and pray in a loop.

12. Do you touch certain things or places multiple times just to fulfill the number.

If any of the above is what you feel or experience, you are stuck by OCD.

The solution to the problem is not to keep it within. The solution is to discuss it with someone who can guide you and try to get out of it.

We can help you come out of this mess and lead a happy and normal life free of several burdens you have been carrying.

Contact us at

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Suffering from OCD – It can be really cured!

Have you ever felt the compulsion to do something over and over again? Or are you obsessed with doing a thing- like washing hands time and again, checking and arranging things in a particular way, asking same questions, trying on something before deciding, re-reading or re- writing. Well, it’s no fault of yours because you have what is called OCD- obsessive compulsive disorder.

Try our OCD help guide to get yourself or your loved one out of the mess.

Just contact:

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Content Writer takes on OCD!

OCD – Obcessive Compulsive Disorder is one such problem, which can not only disgust the patient but also traumatize the family of that person. In such cases, one needs special care and attention and above all –


This is what we have been doing and are committed to help several people sufferring from this dreadful mind disease.

Fight Back OCD – Live a happy life………

God Bless

Harmeet Singh